Alla Sannikova

Alla SANNIKOVA began her circus career inthe Cleo Dorothy Illusionary Attractions company, from 1954 to1959. Following her marriage toIgor Sannikov in1959, she began working asadancer inthe Mikhail Kachuriner Musical-Eccentric ensemble where she remained until 1980. Her work intheater began in1989with two shows: Boris Lvov-Anokhin?s production ofHollywood Tales atthe Maly Theater and Roman Viktyuk?s production ofEdvard Radzinsky?s play Our Decameron atthe Yermolova Theater. Asamember ofthe cast ofSnow White and the Seven Dwarves, she performed for four months inOslo, Norway, atthe Viktoria Theater and continued performances ofthis show ontour inGermany from 1993 to1995. She was again invited byLvov-Anokhin toperform inThe Novellas ofMargaret ofNavarre, this time atthe Novy Drama Theater (1996). Her film and TVcredits include the films ANasty Anecdote (1964), The Scarlet Flower (1991), Kotovasiya (1997) and Drakosha (2000).
She performs the role ofRocinante, who isalso Don Quixote?s guardian angel, inQuixote and Sancho.

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