Vera Vasilyeva

“Vera Vasilyeva onHerself”

I was born inMoscow inAugust 1974. Myparents were geologists and byage 3Iwanted tobeaveterinarian. The next year Iwas sent toanice skating school and achoreography studio. Ibegan todance. Meanwhile, Isang inachildren?s choir inkindergarten and began todraw. Before the age of13Imade every effort toembrace every aspect ofthe arts. Inkindergarten Iplayed the Snow Queen. That was myfirst success and myteachers predicted a“life onthe stage” for me. Atage 13 Iresolved tobecome anactress and Iended upgraduating from aschool that specialized intheater. Mostly Isang and danced, but when Iplayed one dramatic role, myown father didn?t recognize me. That made meeven more determined toseek alife inthe theater. Ifailed the entrance exams tothe theater institute (GITIS) with flying colors and sogot ajob working with children inthe sphere ofmovement and dance. Meanwhile, inanamateur production, Iplayed aprostitute inaproduction of“Pamela.“ Two years later Ientered the School ofRussian Psychological Theater, doing mybest tocombine the techniques ofrepresentational and experiential theater inshows and skits based onAnton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Tennessee Williams and others. Ayear after graduation, Ientered Gennady Abramov?s Class ofExpressive Plastic Movement and studied concurrently with Yevgeny Lazarev atGITIS.This comprised my“school ofsurvival“ and my“school ofimprovisation.“ Iperformed inseveral Abramov productions, including “Farther was Earlier,“ “The Freeloaders” (at the Class ofExpressive Plastic Movement) and Leo Tolstoy?s „The Living Corpse” and Yuly Kim?s „The Indifferent Kim-Tango” (both atthe Hermitage Theater, directed byMikhail Levitin and choreographed byAbramov). Ihave worked inperformance art actions with the saxophonist Sergei Letov and others. Mydebut infilm was inanepisode ofYelena Tsyplakova?s „Family Secrets.”
Iperform asthe Slave and the Sphinx in„Ariston.”

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