Yelena Shkurpelo

Yelena SHKURPELO graduated from the Shchepkin Institute ofthe Maly Theater inthe mid-1980s and began her professional acting career inthe Historico-Ethnographical Theater ofMoscow. There she performed innumerous productions, the most important ofwhich was Snegurochka where she played the title role. With this show she made several tours tovarious European theaters. In1985she helped found the Children's Studio ofTheater Arts (renamed the Vedogon Theater in1992) inthe city ofZelenograd, not far from Moscow. Here she was adirector and the leading actress until 1997. Her key roles there included the title role inthe folk play Pakhomushka, Ersilia Drei inPirandello's ToClothe the Naked and Aksinya inPanteleimon Romanov's OnGood Places, Bright Dreams and Sinful Life. Since 1997she has been amember ofthe troupe atMoscow's Vernissage Theater. There she has performed insome dozen productions, her roles including Mozart inPushkin's Mozart and Salieri, Baroness deMant inthe musical show It's Not Worth Betting based ondeMusset, Antonina Trofimova inFalcons and Crows byAlexander Yuzhin-Sumbatov and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, and the title role inViktor Hugo's Marie Tudor.
Inthe summer of2002, she spent two months inFrance working asanactress, and performing inFrench, with anitinerant group ofclowns.
She performed the lead inMikhail Belikov's film How Young WeWere (1985).
She has performed the role ofAldonza inQuixote and Sancho since January 2002.
Yelena plays the Slave and the Sphinx in“Ariston”.

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