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The popular film and stage actress Oksana Mysina formed Oxy Rocks in 2003. In Moscow, they have performed in numerous clubs, including B2, the Hard Rock Cafe, Tabula Rasa, the Nest of the Woodgrouse, Blue Bird, Tochka, Chinese Pilot Dzhao Da, Poslednye den'gi (Last Money), Orakul bozhestvennoi butylki (The Oracle of the Divine Bottle), Ogurets (Cucumber), Woodstock and others. They have performed solo concerts throughout Russia at the Actors House (Moscow), the Central House of Artists (Moscow), the Vysotsky Center (Moscow), the Gatchino film festival (St. Petersburg), the Vivat Russian Cinema festival (St. Petersburg) and the Kinoshok festival (Anapa). The band has performed at various festivals and gala concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Minsk, Byelorussia (at the Litsopad film festival) and Berdyansk, Ukraine (at the Brigantina film festival).

The main part of the group's repertoire consists of songs written to lyrics by Oksana and music by either Dmitry Yershov or Sergei Shchetinin. The band's sound derives in part from the unusual combination of Sergei's American-style licks on lead guitar and Oksana's violin solos — she is trained as a classical musician. Oksana is also the lead singer, with able back-up help from Sergei, Dmitry and drummer Mikhail Zolotaryov. On the basis of Oksana's challenging, contemporary lyrics, Oxy Rocks has worked out a sound and a style unlike anyone else working in Russia today. The group had the great fortune of crossing paths with Valery Cherkesov, a renowned sound designer who has worked in Russia and Europe with numerous top artists, such as Kalinov Most, Zemfira, Kipelov and others. In the work on Oxy Rocks' first album (tentatively titled “The Road“), Valery also played keyboards on several tracks.

Oksana's foray into rock music has been received with great interest from the press and the public. Oxy Rocks has been profiled frequently in newspapers, magazines, television and radio, including two live hour broadcasts to the United States and Europe on the „Dialogue with America” show on the Russky Mir (Russian World) television station.

Many journalists have been intrigued by the group's repertoire, which, in addition to original compositions, includes selected cover versions of songs from various genres. This is what Oksana told the popular daily Moskovsky Komsomolets on May 13, 2003: “This stems from my natural greediness. I want to try everything. Cuban songs from the repertoire of the Buena Vista Social Club, American country, rhythm and blues and rock ballads. Still, the main thing remains our own songs.“

And here are a few comments by the critics:

„Her rock and roll is not sweet and not glamorous. There is no theatrical exaltation in it, nothing mannered and nothing phony. She maintains a uncompromising image and clear intonations in this stern genre. Music is obviously no mere toy for this actress, but rather is something she has an inner need to create.” (Pavel Rudnev in the magazine Vash Dosug (Your Entertainment), No. 21, 2003.)

"May I say'bravo, bravo, bravo'?! That is wonderful. In my opinion, the song we just listened to is orchestrated with great intelligence, very dense. The music and the words fit together hand in glove. Very precise. Excellent balance. The music never gets in the way of your hearing the words. And the words fit the music perfectly. (Jazz critic Nikolai Tamradze on live radio after hearing for the first time a demo of the Oxy Rocks song “Blues Rock Mood” — the Leisure Days program on Radio Arsenal, June 16, 2005.)

"I would like to express the excitement and sense of profound delight I experienced when I first heard this song by Oksana. It is a superb rock composition. For me it was a revelation. I can only compare the power of its impact on me to the time I first heard “The Thirty-first Spring“ by the band Nochnye snaipery (Night Snipers). (The rock critic Artur Gasparyan on live radio after hearing for the first time a demo of the Oxy Rocks song „Heading for Success” — the Territory of Amalia program on Ekho Moskvy [Moscow Echo], July 15, 2005.)

Oxy Rocks is:

Oksana Mysina (vocals, violin, lyricist)

Sergei Shchetinin (lead guitar, music)

Dmitry Yershov (bass guitar, music)

Mikhail Zolotaryov (drums)

Öåíà áèëåòîâ: îò 200 äî 400 ðóá.

vocals, violin, guitarOksana Mysina
lead guitarSergei Shchetinin
bass guitarDmitry Yershov
drumsMikhail Zolotaryov
keyboardistSergei Kuchmenko
percussionMikhail Sobolev



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