Andrei Bronnikov

Andrei Bronnikov was born inMoscow in1951. Hedreamed ofbecoming asea captain, but, instead, entered the Yaroslav Theater Institute in1969. Upon graduating, hejoined the troupe ofthe Young Spectator Theater inPerm in1973and worked one season there. From 1974 to1979hewas amember ofthe Young Spectator Theater inthe city ofGorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) where heworked with the director Boris Naravtesevich and played some ofhis best roles, including Orsino inShakespeare?s “Twelfth Night“ and Tuzenbach inChekhov?s „Three Sisters.” Hestill considers his five years inGorky the most rewarding ofhis acting career. Hejoined the Moscow Young Spectator Theater in1979and has been amember ofthat troupe ever since. Inthe mid-80s, hestudied acting inOleg Tabakov?s experimental course atGITIS (the State Institute ofTheater Arts).

Bronnikov has performed inseveral major productions atthe Moscow Young Spectator Theater (also known inEnglish asthe New Generation Theater), including Kama Ginkas?s “The Execution ofthe Decembrists“ and “Pushkin. Duel. Death,“ and Genrietta Yanovskaya?s “Ivanov” and „Witness for the Prosecution.”

Andrei Bronnikov plays four roles in„Ariston” The Priest, Tiresius, the Shepherd and Laius.

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