[7-04-2018] Oksana Mysina will perform at a charity evening in support of political prisoners on April 8 at the Sakharov Center.
«Tomorrow, April 8 I will perform at a concert in support of Russian political prisoners. I will sing songs by Viktor Tsoi, Bob Dylan, Bulat Okudzhava and some of my own. I want our country, which survived the Gulag and the repressions of the 1930s, to reach a time when the concept of the political prisoner will disappear forever,» the actress said.
The concert begins at 4 p.m. at the Sakharov Center, Zemlyanoi Val, 57, bldg. 6.

[4-10-2017] Olesya Fokina's documentary film about Tsvetaeva
Olesya Fokina's documentary about poet Marina Tsvetaeva —
“Nothing but a Handful of Ashes” — will have a pre-premiere showing Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. at the Rossiiskaya gazeta offices. The film features the participation of poets Vera Polozkova, Bakhyt Kenzheev, Maria Vatutina, Inna Kabysh, composer Kirill Rikhter, actresses Oksana Mysina and Natalya Pavlenkova and Galina Danilyeva, the senior scholar at the Tsvetaeva Museum. The film will premiere on Oct. 8 on Channel One.

[15-04-2017] 'Songs of Love' at MMDM, with special guest Oksana Mysina
An evening titled “Music of Cinema” will be headlined by Vladislav Kosarev, Anna Buturlina, Sergei Skripka's Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography, and special guest Oksana Mysina, who will recite poetry by, among others, Alexander Timofeevsky, Viktor Korkia, Arseny Tarkovsky and Nikolai Erdman.
April 19, 2017, 7 p.m., Svetlanov Hall, Moscow House of Music (MMDM).

[1-04-2017] Benefit Concert on Crete
Oksana Mysina will participate in a benefit concert in Chania, Crete, Greece, on April 2, 2017. The concert, organized by director and actor Kaiti Koraka, will be held in Chania's main cultural center located on Odos Papandreou. It is an all-day affair that will begin at 10 a.m. and run until 8 p.m. Oksana will perform in several musical numbers around 11 a.m. and will appear again in dramatic scenes after 6 p.m.

[25-09-2016] Young Readers Competition at the Eldar Film Club
The winners of Eldar Club's Young Readers Competition will be announced today, Sept. 25. Young people have been competing since July, offering up their readings of prose and poetry by Agnia Barto, Samuil Marshak, Sergei Mikhalkov and Kornei Chukovsky. The Jury Chair for today's culminating event is Oksana Mysina.

[12-09-2016] “Lessons in Secuction,” on MIR TV
Airing tonight (Sept. 12) at 10 p.m. on MIR TV: Alexei Lisovets's film comedy, “Lessons in Seduction,” starring Oksana Mysina, Dmitry Nazaarov, Yelena Shevchenko, Anatoly Yashchenko, Irina Mak and others.

[8-09-2016] “The Mad Pekinese“ at Lyubimovka
Oksana Mysina will be among those presenting a reading of Alyona Shvarts' play „The Mad Pekinese” at the Lyubimovka Festival today, Sept. 9, at 11 p.m. It is directed by Daniil Romanov. This is part of the off-site program (Lyubimovka's main events run at Teatr.doc) which is held late-nights at the Smile Cafe located at 48 Pokrovka Street, Bldg 1. See lubimovka.ru for details.

[28-11-2015] Evening in Honor of Bulat Okudzhava
Visiting Musician is the name of a concert honoring the memory of Bulat Okudzhava at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Nov. 28 at 7 p.m. Participants include Svetlana Kryuchkova, Andrei Makarevich, Renata Litvinova, Jiri Vondrak (Czech Republic), Dmitry Bykov, the Yelena Kamburova Theater of Music and Poetry, and Oksana Mysina. The concert can be seen live and online by going to this link: http://meloman.ru/concert/vecher-v-chest-bulata-okudzhavyzaezzhij-muzykant/

[31-05-2015] Oksana Mysina Joins Tim Supple in England
Oksana Mysina begins a two-week international workshop with Britain-based director Tim Supple on June 1. It is the beginning of a workshop and production process hosted by Dash Arts that will span two years and all five continents, investigating the world’s great theater traditions and resulting in a multi-lingual, cross-national'King Lear' for a global audience. The workshops, held at Warwick Arts Center in Coventry, U. K. , will be attended by actors from nine countries, including Italy, India, Tanzania, South Korea and Iran. Aside from Oksana, the participants are Fabio Mangolini, Vinay Kumar, Mrisho Mpoto, Assaad Bouab, Bruce Meyers, Hye-Yeon Hong, Elaheh Bakhshi and Jared McNeil.

[21-05-2015] New documentary about Alexandra Golubkina
Konstantin Olonovsky hosted the premiere of his documentary film, “Whisper: Silver Age,” at the Open Club on Spiridonovka May 19. Several years in the making, the film explores the art of the great Russian sculptor Alexandra Golubkina, who studied with Auguste Rodin in Paris before returning to Russia to live and work. In the film Oksana Mysina, Vera Romanova and Pavel Shumsky recite poetry by Andrei Bely, Alexander Blok, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Maximilian Voloshin. Actor Konstantin Mishin performs as a dancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3sepH8sBKs&feature=youtu.be

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