Alexei Zuyev

Alexei ZUYEV graduated from the Moscow Art Theater school in1993and immediately joined the troupe ofthe Tabakov Theater where hecontinued towork until 1997. While atthe Tabakov Theater, hejoined the casts ofnumerous productions, including Alexander Galich's Sailor's Silence, Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues, aproduction based onNikita Mikhalkov and Alexander Adabashyan's filmscript AnUnfinished Play for aPlayer Piano, Yuly Kim's Bumbarash and Alexander Minchin's Psycho. In1998hejoined the troupe ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theater for ashort stint and performed inthe long-running production ofUndine. Since 1998hehas taken part inmany ofthe most popular independent productions inRussia, among them Peter Stein's Hamlet (1998) and Declan Donnellan's Boris Godunov (2000). Hehas performed inseveral productions that have achieved cult status, including Garold Strelkov's production ofYelena Gremina's The Sakhalin Wife and Olga Subbotina's production ofMarc Ravenhill's Shopping and Fucking. Atthe Contemporary Play School, heplays inBoris Milgram's production ofKremlin, Come toMe, aplay byAlexei Kazantsev.
Hedebuted asatheater director with anindependent production ofLope deVega's The Idiot Lady in2003.
Heperformed the title role inVitaly Melnikov's film Tsarevich Alexei (1995), for which hewas awarded aprestigious Kumir (Idol) award in1998. His work intelevision includes arole inone ofthe series ofshort films based onworks byChekhov which were filmed inconnection with the 100th anniversary ofthe Moscow Art Theater in1998. Healso played inthe mini-series The Empire under Attack (2001). Hepresently isfilming inone ofthe lead roles ofMoscow Saga, amajor TVmini-series based onworks byVasily Aksyonov. The series isexpected tobegin airing atthe beginning of2004.
Hehas performed the role ofDon Quixote inQuixote and Sancho since January 2002.

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