Andrei Kochetkov

Andrei Kochetkov was born inMoscow and began performing inamateur theater from the age of12. For awhile inhis younger years heworked asaprops man atthe Moscow Art Theater. In1976, hegraduated from aspecial high school connected with Moscow's Maly Theater that specializes inthe theater arts. Later, heworked inOleg Tabakov's Theater-Studio onChaplygin Street and inthe Moscow University Student Theater which, atthat time, was run byRoman Viktyuk. InMoscow hestudied with Andrei Popov.

Inthe provinces hestudied acting atthe Vladivostok Institute ofArts and performed atthe Primorsky Drama Theater there, after which healso worked asanactor inthe cities ofMichurinsk and Tambov.

Back inMoscow, Kochetkov became one ofthe founding members ofMark Rozovsky's Theater-Studio UNikitskikh Vorot, where heremained inthe troupe from 1982to1987. Over the next few years heworked invarious Moscow theaters, including the Sovremennik-2Theater Studio (1987), the Bat Cabaret Theater (1989), the Ulysses Theater under the direction ofMikhail Mokeyev (1990-94) and the Hermitage Theater under the direction ofMikhail Levitin (1993-94). In1994hejoined the troupe ofYury Pogrebnichko's OKOLO, the Theater near the Stanislavsky House, and has remained there ever since.

Kochetkov debuted asaplaywright in2003when his “The Truth about Don Quixote and Sancho,“ adramatization ofCervantes' novel, was staged byAlexander Ponamaryov atthe OKOLO Theater. Inthis production healso played the role ofDon Quixote.

Andrei Kochetkov plays the Messenger in„Ariston.”

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