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I came toMoscow from Yakutia inSiberia. Ibegan taking part intheater circles inthe 7th grade. When still inschool Iplayed insuch children?s shows as“The Adventures ofAli, the Waterboy,“ “ADwarf Named Nose,” and „Gelsomino inthe Land ofLiars,” inwhich Iplayed the young boy Gelsomino. Atage 15 Iplayed the part ofHenrietta inaproduction ofMarina Tsvetaeva?s “The Adventure.” Ientered the Russian Academy ofTheater Arts inMoscow atage 19 and studied inSergei Prokhanov?s experimental musical course. Here Ihad intense training inmodern dance and pop and jazz vocals. Our course?s graduation production was awork called “IConceal.” In2003Iparticipated inthe Moscow Autumn musical festival, playing asadramatic actress inachoral work staged byIrina Keruchenko, astudent inKama Ginkas?s directing course atthe Moscow Art Theater School. Ihave acted inseveral student films made atVGIK, the Russian State Institute ofCinematography. In2003Iperformed inVladimir Vinogradov?s avant-garde film, “AMissive from Vladimir Kobrin.“
Iplay Pausanius in„Ariston.”

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