“Rock Theater“

Vash dosug (Your Leisure)
„Rock Theater”
Vash dosug (Your Leisure), June 2-8, 2003, pg. 51
By Pavel Rudnev

The well-known actress Oksana Mysina will perform this week at the B-2 club. Her new hobby is rock music.

The theatrical actress Oksana Mysina has taken to singing. Her rock ?n? roll is not sweet and it?s not glamorous. It contains no actor?s exaltation and is not mannered or manufactured. These are not intentionally theatricalized songs. [Mysina] presents a severe appearance, snaps off clear intonations and works in a stern genre. Anyone who has seen Oksana on stage often might well think that Mysina is even “more real” in concert than when acting. At least, it is clear that music is no toy for the actress — it is something she cannot do without.

Mysina sings Viktor Tsoi among others. In some remarkable arrangements, she makes his famous rock hymns her very own, just as she might a role she performs. But today she needs most of all to come up with a repertoire of her own songs; rock music withers if it?s not original.

, 2-06-2003

Oksana Mysina
Oxy Rocks

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