The Girl with a Guitar
The well-known actress Oksana Mysina will take part in the Theater Island festival in a new capacity —that of a rock singer. Our correspondent put a couple of questions to Oksana.
Vash Dosug (Your Entertainment), St. Petersburg issue
- You are presented as a rock singer in the festival?s program. Your public is confused. What happened to the actress Oksana Mysina?

 — Nothing happened to her at all. It?s just that I relatively recently began singing with my rock band Oxy Rocks. That happened in January 2003 when an evening was organized in my honor at the Actors House and I came out on stage and sang a couple of Viktor Tsoi songs with a rock band. The audience received us so well that we decided to stick together.

 — What kind of music do you play?

 — It?s varied. There is some country, a song by Edith Piaf and some romances in a rock arrangement. And we are working out our own ideas. My musicians write music to my words.

 — I can see you doing country and romances, but singing Piaf requires a strong voice?

 — I graduated from the Gnesin School of Music. I was invited to enter the institute to study vocals. Nobody was ever quite sure which department I should go into, the folk music department or the classical department. I naturally come by my strong voice. My grandmother sang in a church choir and my mother had a beautiful, very strong voice.

 — Newspapers all write as if you are able to play on every instrument there is.

 — That?s an exaggeration, of course. I play the violin. There is a cult of the violin in our family. I play a bit on the trumpet, the harp and, of course, on the guitar. What else? The tambourine, the maracas?

 — What do you plan to do to surprise Piter?

 — Aside from our festival performance, we are kicking around the idea of going out on the street, maybe one of the river embankments and, with a couple of our friends, do something a little crazy. Get everyone to join in an have fun singing.

Larisa Tsar'kova, 31-05-2004

Oksana Mysina
Oxy Rocks

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