Olga Mukhina

Olga Mukhina has emerged asone ofthe most important Russian playwrights ofthe post-Soviet period, although her output has been small. Her plays Tanya-Tanya (produced 1996) and YoU (produced 1997 and revived in2001atthe Moscow Art Theater) are unquestionably among the most inventive and intriguing plays inthe contemporary canon. Her idiosyncratic, dreamy voice that often seems more cinematic ornovelistic than dramatic, ismixed with aharsh, clear vision ofthe difficulties her characters experience inlove and life.
Inthe late 1980s, Mukhina attempted toenter the screenwriting department ofthe cinema institute but was rebuffed because, according toher own account, the trial scripts she submitted during the entrance exams were repeatedly rejected as“incomprehensible.” In1991she entered the Gorky Literary Institute tostudy playwriting, although she never completed the course. Her other plays have been Alexander August (1991, unfinished, unproduced) and The Love ofKarlovna (written 1992, produced 1997). Tanya-Tanya, YoU and The Love ofKarlovna have been translated into some one dozen languages and produced throughout Europe. Mukhina participated inaplaywriting seminar atthe Lark Theatre inNew York in2001todevelop anAmerican performing version ofYoU.
After marriage inthe late 1990s and the birth oftwo children, Mukhina ceased writing plays for several years. In2003, she began working ontwo different plays, one for the Fomenko Studio, the other for the Oksana Mysina Theatrical Brotherhood.

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