Quixote and Sancho

Quixote and Sancho
MBKcentre.com (a publication ofáthe internet club ofábank analysts), 2002
By Yulia Bolshakova

Among the complex ofáfeatures every leader needs, three are primary: The ability toáput forth aánew idea; the knowledge ofáthe mechanisms toámake the idea work; and the ability toátake responsibility for the final result noámatter what the results.
The main requirement for aáleader?s success isácharisma. The notion ofácharism isásoávague that itáoften isáconfused with simple charm. Derived from the Greek byáMax Weber, this term, which became aápopular term atáthe beginning ofáthe 20th century, originally was used toádescribe aáperson?s divine power toáinfluence other people. Itáisáaágift that all leaders, politicians and actors seek toádiscover ináthemselves. Anyone who loves theater knows that this isásomething commanded byáevery actor with aáGod-given gift,
Among those actors with aáGod-given gift isáOksana Mysina. Every role she has undertaken since she worked ináSvetlana Vragova?s Moderne Theater has been anáevent. This actress isásoáunique that director?s are usually compelled toácreate the entire show around her. She performs onáthe stage ofáthe Moscow Art Theater. All ofáthe most fashionable directors want toáwork with her, including Vladimir Mirzoyev (That This Other World), Kama Ginkas (K.áI.áfrom “Crime“), Oleg Menshikov (Kitchen). Meanwhile, Mysina states: „Iádon?t like the way directors are afraid ofácontemporary drama. They often say there are noágood new plays. But Iáthink they are simply trying toáhide from the contemporary world. Ináthe last ten years, life ináRussia has changed drastically. Theater has not been responding toáthat? Iádream about discovering purity and freedom onáthe stage?”
Noásooner said than done. Oksana Mysina herself has staged Quixote and Sancho, aáplay byáthe young playwright Viktor Korkiya. And she herself played the role ofáSancho Panza ináit. Her fortunate gift means that, just byábeing present onáthe stage, she isácapable ofáfilling upáthe theatrical space with herself and her own personal world. One isáalways fascinated byáthe way she stands, looks and moves. She has the rare ability toáexist onástage naturally and sincerely, without striking any poses. This alone isáenough toácherish every minute ofáthis show. Mysina plays Sancho asáifáheáwere aápart ofáQuixote?s own essence. She isánot the poetic and romantic Quixote asáperformed marvelously byáAlexei Zuyev. She embodies the titanic, complex and tragic world ofáCervantes.

Julia Bolshakova, 2002

Oksana Mysina
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