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Viktor KORKIYA, poet and playwright, was born June 12, 1948. Hewas one ofthe participants inthe famous Alexei Arbuzov playwriting studio inthe 1970s and ?80s while also working inthe poetry division ofthe influential journal Yunost (Youth). Hewas one ofthe founders ofthe Moscow Poetry Club. His self-styled paratragedy “The Mystery Man, or, IamPoor Soso Dzhugashvili,” enjoyed sensational success when itwas staged byYevgeny Slavutin atthe Moscow University Student Theater in1988. This play subsequently was performed inmore than 70 theaters through the Soviet Union. Korkiya?s connection toSlavutin and the Moscow University Student Theater has proved tobeastrong one. Several ofhis plays have been staged, and continue torun, onits stage, including “The Invincible Armada“ (after Lope deVega); “Lessons ofLove,“ atragicomic treatment ofthe Casanova myth written with the poet Alexander Lavrin; and “The Trojan Virus,” aversion ofKorkiya?s tragedy „The Goat?s Song.” His „The Devil?s Tragedy,” atreatment ofthe Don Juan myth, was directed byAndrei Rossinsky atMoscow?s Stage Mirror Theater in2002.

Korkiya?s poems and epic poetry were collected inthe book “Free Time” (1988) and have been published innumerous leading journals inRussia and Europe. Four plays have been published inbook form: “The Mystery Man, or, IamPoor Soso Dzhugashvili” (Moscow: Moskovsky rabochii, 1989); “Hamlet.ru” (Moscow: Globus, 2001); “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza onthe Island ofTaganrog” (Moscow: 4-i filial Voenizdata, 2001); and “Ariston” (Moscow: Krasnaya ploshchad?, 2004). His Homeric tragedy “The Goat?s Song” was published inthe journal Contemporary Dramaturgy (Sovremennaya dramaturgiya, No.3, 2000) and “The Devil?s Comedy” was published inthe almanac Commentary (Kommentarii, No.21, 2001). His plays have been translated into English, French, German and other languages, and his work isdiscussed inaseparate chapter inIrina Skoropanova?s textbook, “Russian Postmodern Literature” (Russkaya postmodernistskaya literature [Moscow: Flint & Nauka, 1999]).

“Don Quixote and Sancho Panza onthe Island ofTaganrog” was staged in2001byOksana Mysina under the title of“Quixote and Sancho“ asthe inaugural production ofthe new theater, the Oksana Mysina Theatrical Brotherhood. Korkiya?s next play, „Ariston,” amodern treatment ofthe Oedipus myth, was written exclusively for this theater. Itpremiered inthe spring of2004. Both plays continue torun inthe theater?s repertoire.

Korkiya isatireless innovator, anirrepressible spirit and aclever trickster. Heonce devised aplan for selling planets topeople who wished tocommemorate their names for posterity inspace. Onamore earthly level hehas recently become fascinated with the internet and has devised numerous websites involving literature, encyclopedias and even New Years. Check out his home page athttp://viktor-korkia.narod.ru. Intandem with John Freedman, Korkia hosted acolloquium for the promotion ofcontemporary drama from 2003 to2005atthe Actors House inMoscow. Characteristically, heused this platform topromote the works ofOlga Mukhina, Maxim Kurochkin, Klim, Vladimir Nasonov, Evelina Schatz, Sergei Task, Andrei Vishnevsky and many, many others rather than himself. One ofthe most important influences onKorkiya isthe writer, director and teacher Anatoly Antohin (Antokhin). Korkiya has often said ofAntohin: “Until heleft Russia there was noreason for metowrite plays. When heleft, Ihad todosomething tofill the space.“

„The Poet onthe Actress:
Viktor Korkiya onOksana Mysina”

Art isintuitive. Its mystery isobvious, though noone can say ofwhat itismade.
Oksana Mysina?s intuition islimitless. Her creative spirit exceeds the bounds ofher profession. She isbusy creating her own Theater every second ofher life. More than anyone else today, she expresses the Inexpressible.
Light passes through light, leaving notrace ofashadow.
Oksana Mysina isequally athome inplumbing the psychological depths ofDostoevsky, the tight, wending plot turns ofScribe, contemporary heroines and the epic heights ofKriemhilde.
The gift ofOksana Mysina isalife-giving gift.
To come into contact with itisfortune?s own gift.

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