Alexander Meshchaninov

Alexander Meshchaninov was born in1966inMoscow. After finishing school, heentered the civil aviation institute inMinsk and, after studying three years there, spent two years inthe Soviet army. Towards the end ofhis service, heresolved tostudy photography and cinematography. After failing toenter the State Institute ofCinematography inthe late 1980s, helanded ajob atthe Gorky Film Studio asaset photographer. Ayear later, hepassed the institute entrance exams and began studying tobeacameraman while simultaneously continuing towork asalocation photographer.
“Irealized within ayear that Iwould never become acameraman,“ hesays. „Ididn?t like the way our films are made. There was too much hackwork, too little art. SoIdropped out after ayear. Atthe Gorky Studio, Ifrequently was asked todothe audition photos aswell asthe on-set photos. Ifound Ihad much more freedom todowhat Iwanted with the audition shots. Inever considered them just audition photos; Isaw them asopportunities tocreate genuine portraits. Foremost for mewas always toshow the actor?s personality.”
In1992Meshchaninov struck adeal with the MAX Acting Agency tosupply itwith portraits ofits roster ofactors. Inthe mid-1990s heleft the Gorky Film Studio totake aposition asthe photo journalist for Fashion magazine where hecontinues towork today while making portraits for MAX and freelancing asaportrait photographer.
“Frankly, Iwouldn?t even say that portraits are myfavorite genre,“ hesays. „IfIhad mychoice, Iprobably would dostill lifes and landscapes. Onthe other hand, Iget akick out ofhanding someone aset ofportraits and seeing them react toanimage ofthemselves that they, perhaps, had never expected tosee. Icouldn?t care less whether Iamphotographing famous people ornot. All that interests meiswhether mysubject isanintriguing person ornot.”
Meshchaninov has been Oksana Mysina?s personal photographer since 1998. His portraits ofOksana have been published onthe covers ofVash dosug, Lyudi lunnogo sveta, Sudarushka, Dochki-materi, Teatral?ny kur?yer, Vecherny klub (twice), Zdorovaya gazeta and other publications. His photo spreads ofher have been published inavast number ofmagazines and newspapers, including Harper?s Bazaar, Moulin Rouge, TVPark, Kino Park, Krestyanka, Moskovsky komsomolets, Nezavisimaya gazeta, Kul?tura, Komsomol?skaya Pravda, Rossiya, Vechernaya Moskva and others.

Alexander Meshchaninov

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