“Each one of us is an Oedipus”

Alexander Timofeevsky
Spectators at the November 15 performance of “Ariston,“ if they glanced away from the stage for a few moments during the first act, might have noticed a man scribbling something on a small piece of paper. It was the poet Alexander Timofeevsky. Alexander Pavlovich had recently attended Oksana's performance in “The King of Sins and the Queen of Fears,” after which he had given her copies of his books „The Too-Late Archer” and «100 Huitains and Naive Hamlet.» This time, after the performance of “Ariston,” he presented Oksana with the newly-written extemporaneous poem which he had jotted down as Oksana's actors performed the first scenes of Viktor Korkiya's play at the Actors House. Here is Alexander Pavlovich's poem:

To Oksana Mysina
Ellas, Ariston, the sources —
It's not for nothing the Fates are so cruel!
Oh, what horizons open up before us,
What individuals!
Oksana and Vitya, how well you guessed it -
Each one of us is an Oedipus.
Alexander Timofeevsky
November 15, 2005

, 15-11-2005

Oksana Mysina
Oxy Rocks

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