Mikhail Zolotaryov

The members ofOxy Rocks call Mikhail Mikhailovich Zolotaryov “the sorcerer.” Heisamysterious figure, aman offew words. Hewas born in1954and heplays the drums. Heprefers toperform inblack. Most ofall heloves jazz and for him areal musician isajazz musician. Hedoes allow, however, that you can play other kinds ofmusic and heoften does. Atone time heplayed Russian-American country with Larisa Grigoryeva and her band “Kukuruza” (Corn). For several years now hehas been playing blues, rhythm and blues and rock with the Moscow group, the Edison Blues Band. Heworked for atime asasession drummer inVladimir Osinsky?s studio and hewas the drummer inthe musical group ofMargarita Terekhova?s theater. In2004herecorded Christopher Brubeck?s jazz composition “Mississippi Sunrise“ with the Russian National Wind Quintet for the television program “What Are WePlaying?” When Oxy Rocks began working onthe song „Blues Rock Mood” and was having trouble finding the handle, Misha was the one who solved the problem. Hecame upwith anunexpected and complex back beat that gave birth tothis central song onOxy Rocks? first album.

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