Dmitry Yershov

Dmitry Stanislavovich Yershov, bass-guitarist, isthe longest-standing member ofOxy Rocks aside from Oksana herself. Hejoined the band two days before its first solo concert atthe Actors House inthe spring of2003and hehas been with them ever since. More than that, Dima has become the group?s musical engine, writing the music for the majority ofOxy Rocks? original songs. When asked how ithappened that hebegan composing music, Dima shrugged his shoulders with characteristic nonchalance and said, “Oh, somebody had todoit.“
Infact, what happened was this: the band met torehearse aday ortwo after aformer member had left the group. Nobody quite knew what toexpect. Asthe musicians began warming upand rehearsing, Dima started playing afew riffs that were floating around inhis head. Oksana liked them and pulled out some lyrics she had written afew days before. They fitted perfectly and the song “The Road” was born. Asthey continued working that day, Dima kept playing another riff towhich heconstantly repeated afew words over and over. Oksana began improvising more lyrics onthe spot and, before anyone knew what had happened, „The Message” was born. So, inaddition totwo songs, asongwriter was born that day. Dima since has written the melodies tomany ofOxy Rocks? most intriguing and beautiful songs.
Dima was born July 21, 1964, inAlma-Ata and moved toMoscow with his family in1978. Heperformed for many years inthe bands Sky Stranger and Julia and Friends. Besides currently holding down the rhythm section for Oxy Rocks, Dima regularly performs inMoscow clubs, pubs and casinos with the Edison Blues Band and hecontinues toplay inYevgeny Vostochny?s band, YeVostochnYE.When asked what kind ofmusic helikes, Dima replied, “Good music.“ When asked tobemore specific, hesaid, „Sting, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Ray Charles and B.B.King.”

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