Mikhail Sobolev

Mikhail Ivanovich Sobolev was born inMoscow in1983.

He attended music school where hestudied the clarinet and piano. Hegraduated from the acting program ofthe Gavriil Derzhavin International Slavyansky Institute in2005. While there heperformed instudent productions ofAlexander Ostrovsky?s “Wolves and Sheep,“ Fyodor Dostoevsky?s “The Devils” and Nikolai Gogol?s „Viy.”

Mikhail has performed onpercussion and guitar invarious bands. Hewas lead guitarist ofTauKita and now isthe lead guitarist inthe band Bergi.

He began playing percussion inOxy Rocks in2006. Since 2005 hehas worked invarious capacities for the Oksana Mysina Theatrical Brotherhood. Hebecame Oksana?s director?s assistant on“Quixote and Sancho“ and hedoubles asdirector?s assistant and actor in“Ariston.“ Hehas also worked asadirector?s assistant onAlexei Zuyev?s production of“After the Curtain,“ based onBrian Friel?s “sequel” toaChekhov play, and onYury Urnov?s productions ofMaxim Kurochkin?s „Vodka, Fucking, Television” and „The King ofSins and the Queen ofFears,” based onWitold Gombrowicz?s „Iwonna, Princess ofBurgundia.” Inthe fall of2006during the Territory Festival heacted with Yelena Morozova inaperformance piece.

Mikhail ismarried tothe beautiful Svetlana Shevtsova, who also performs in“Ariston.”

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