Emil Kapelush

Emil Kapelyush, born in1954, emerged inthe late 1990s asone ofthe most distinctive theater designers inRussia. His work with the director Grigory Dityatkovsky inSt.Petersburg and Moscow has been especially successful. Kapelyush?s work ismarked bygreat imagination that conjoins easily with apurely practical approach. Noprop, noaspect ofaKapelyush set isever there for decorative purposes, although his work can bebreathtakingly beautiful. Everything heprovides asadesigner isa“tool” for the director and the actors. Inthis sense, atleast, hemay beconsidered aspiritual successor ofthe great David Borovsky.
Since 1976, following his graduation from the Theater Institute onMokhovaya Street inLeningrad, Kapelyush has designed sets and/or costumes for some 150 shows inLeningrad and St.Petersburg. Inthe former Soviet Union, hehas also worked inMoscow, Tbilisi, Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. Hehas designed abroad inSwitzerland, England, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland and Korea.
Asapainter, Kapelyush has exhibited works throughout Russia, Europe and the United States. His paintings have been purchased for collections inmuseums inSt.Petersburg, Moscow, Stockholm and New Jersey.
Emil Kapelyush designed the set and costumes for Ariston.

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